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Hi there! EastCreek Candle Co is a family owned and operated business made of myself, Allison, my husband, Chris, our 4 year old daughter Adelyn and 4 month old son, Jeremiah. We currently live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia where we were both born and raised. 

I make every single product, myself, from our basement studio and enjoy every moment of it! Chris is my production assistant/moral support/editor/technical support/anything-I-need-him-to-be. Addy can be found playing with packing peanuts, creating fun messes and helping to put lids on the candles. Jeremiah eats all the time and keeps us all laughing.

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 I've been burning candles since I was in 6th grade. When I was 14, I actually made "wax art" on one of my dressers in my room. My poor parents were so kind about all the mess on the carpet and on their antique furniture. As I grew older, I loved burning soy candles and wanted hight quality candles with out all the extra added junk. One year I decided to give my family and select friends a handmade soy candle for Christmas. Fully confident that I could make a simple soy candle, I picked up cheap wax from a local craft store and went at it! The result? Well some really, terrible candles! After that failure, I become obsessed with how to make high quality soy candles. I researched, waxes, wicks, oils, and candle making suppliers all day and into the night. Then, I invested ALL of my Christmas money in high quality ingredients from an online supplier. When they arrived, I eagerly applied all I had learned and started formulating and reformulating until I got the recipe just right. A friend was over one day and simply said, "You should sell these." And the rest is history! I am a candle addict and simply cannot resist the thrill of trying new fragrances. I currently find myself learning the beautiful art of balancing home life AKA: being a mom and the entreauprenuerial spirit that has emerged in me since that first candle making experience.


OK so our last name is "WESTBROOK." In high school my husband, Chris, was often called EASTCREEK (you know, kind of the opposite of Westbrook) by teachers. The same was true for his father when he was in college. I guess you could say EastCreek is a bit of a "family" name. Chris used it first when he started a photography company called EastCreek Photography and I guess I actually stole it from him when I started selling candles.  

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